Designed To Win

The Design Museum has just opened the Designed To Win exhibition which explores the relationship between fashion, design and sport. This perfectly timed exhibition to coincide with the current London 2012 Olympics looks at fashion’s impact on sport and vice versa.

Designed to Win celebrates the ways in which design and sport are combined, pushing the limits of human endeavour to achieve records and victories of increasing significance and wonder.  From the design of F1 cars to running shoes, racing bikes to carbon fibre javelins, the quest for enhanced performance and function is endless.
It also explores the various way in which design has shaped the sporting world, celebrating the introduction of revolutionary new materials such as Neoprene and carbon fibre, new technologies, fashions and sporting equipment, all of which have transformed sporting enterprise.

 With Stella McCartney designing the Team GB outfit, Hermes looking after France and Ralph Lauren after America, there clearly is a significant connection.
The exhibition features Stella McCartney’s work for Adidas, her Team GB kit, Hussein Chalayan’s work for Puma, some creative recycling of Speedo swimsuits into cocktail dresses and several other fantastic pieces.

The exhibition at the Design Museum, in association with Oakley runs from the 26 July 2012 till 18 November 2012.

Donald Earl

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