Rihanna Dumped By NIVEA

The skincare giants NIVEA have decided to dump Rihanna citing "Oversexiness". NIVEA endorsed her in a Multi Million Pound ad campaign last year but it seems she they preferred her with less clothes on.

 Stefan Heidenreich, new head of Nivea’s parent company Beiersdorf, said in Germany: “The advert starring Rihanna was a no-go. I do not understand how Nivea can be brought into association with Rihanna.”
The ad he was referring to was the image above showing her posing naked with nothing but a cheeky smile to celebrate 100 years of the brand.
Stefan made it even more clear in a subsequent remark “Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family and reliability.’’

Last year was a different story with the firm sponsoring her world tour, featuring her song in several adverts and the PR team clearly excited about the coup; "We are excited to have Rihanna supporting us in our celebration and building a new generation of fans. Rihanna is a music icon.’’

When questioned about the campaign's outcome, Mr Heidenreich stated that Rihanna is not compatible with the Nivea brand values – it was not a question of the success or failure of the campaign.” he

Rihanna didn't let it go, She took to Twitter to give her side of the story, with a picture of Stefan and the words: “No caption necessary.”

Donald Earl

Monica Cruz Is The New Face Of Agent Provocateur

 Penelope Cruz's young sister Monica is the new face of Agent Provocateur. you will remember her from the 2007 Mango ad they both featured in which impressed Agent Provocateur's creative Director Sarah Shotton so much she had to acquire her services for the brand.

 Sarah Shotton described the campaign images and video as “glamorous, dark and mysterious.”
The film was shot in Clerkenwell’s House of Detention, an old, decommissioned prison rumoured to be haunted by aggrieved residents. The choice of location gives an authentic Dickens-like edginess to the campaign, which was photographed and filmed by Tim Pope.

 “I wanted it to be romantic Goth, so it’s quite dark but quite beautiful.…It’s nostalgic but true to the brand in dark shades of red and purple. It’s set in a Gothic underground space, brought alive by Mónica’s frenzied and fantastical performance. Mónica is a beautiful embodiment of the Agent Provocateur brand, knowingly sexy and empowered by her own sensuality,” said Shotton.

Key styles in the campaign include bondage-inspired Whitney in black; Novah in shades of red, pink and fuchsia — which Shotton called the “colors of lust” — and Ameliah, a French lace number.

Donald Earl

Copenhagen Cooking

Youngsters dining at Noma, the number one restaurant in the world is hardly an everyday event, but during the food festival ‘Copenhagen Cooking’ this is exactly what happens. For everyone else, over a hundred other unique gastronomic events awaits from 24 August to 2 September in Copenhagen as it welcomes the world to Northern Europe's largest food festival.

Wild herbs, roots, berries and dried scallops! Not exactly the usual diet for youngsters. But during ‘Copenhagen Cooking’, when lunch is served at the world’s number one restaurant Noma on 1 September, it is filled with young people enjoying the best of what the Nordic kitchen has to offer.

 The event is part of the food festival "Copenhagen Cooking" and goes under the name ‘Taste of Copenhagen’. It features 5 Michelin restaurants that serve lunch or dinner at lower prices.

 This year’s participants are restaurants Noma, where you have to be less than 20 years of age, a student, or in company with your grandparents. The limited number of tickets goes on sale 8 August on www.madbillet.dk

 The eighth Copenhagen Cooking festival will present over a 100 gastronomic events during ten days in late August and early September, and the focus is both on Nordic cooking and international cuisine. This year the festival will be celebrating the Nordic culinary heritage with an extra focus on the Nordic kitchen's seasonal ingredients and sustainable principles.

 Among the festival's many events will be ’Nordic Taste’, where a number of top Nordic  restaurants will offer samples of their signature dishes at Carlsberg, a ‘street party’ in one of the hottest streets in Copenhagen - Jægersborggade (Jægersborg street) where the newly awarded Michelin restaurant ‘Relæ’ is situated, and lots of markets, tastings and one-off foodie experiences.

Donald Earl

AIM Independent Music Awards

Daniel Miller

 The winners of the "Outstanding contribution to music" and Pioneer Awards recipients have been unveiled. The Pioneer Award sponsored by NOKIA, this year goes to Mute's Daniel Miller, one of the most influential figures in the history of electronic music.

Edwyn Collins
 The "Outstanding Contribution To Music Award" sponsored by eMusic will be received by Edwyn Collins, whose 36-year musical career has seen him write, record and produce some of the most influential music of the last three decades.

The awards were decided by an expert panel of judges selected from across the music industry including such luminaries as Sean Adams (DrownedInSound), Tim Jonze (Guardian.co.uk), Ras Kwame (DJ), Pete Paphides (Music Journalist & Broadcaster), Paul Stokes (Associate Editor (Digital) Q), Luke Turner (Associate Editor, The Quietus) as well as AIM Independent Music Award hosts Huw Stephens (DJ, BBC Radio 1) and Steve Lamacq (DJ, BBC 6Music).

According to Chairman and the CEO of AIM, " We wish them both a special evening with us at the AIM awards event on 29th October knowing they will be amongst their own people - indies who understand their special qualities and who will be as admiring and respectful of these two people as I am"

Donald Earl

Stijn helsen Dresses Belgium London 2012 Olympic Team

 Belgium athletes for the London 2012 Olympic Games will be dressed by the designer Stijn Helsen who has worked as a costume designer on movies like ‘Spiderman 2’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

He has worked in the past for Vivienne Westwood, Valentino and on some LA movie blockbusters. He is well known for his bespoke tailored suits worn by stars like Lenny Kravitz, Danny Huston and the Belgium Royals.

 Stijn Helsen is from a three generation Belgium tailor family and is dressing the Belgium team with tailored fitted three piece suits for men and couture comfortable tailored jerseys for women.
The male waistcoats come with silkscreened lining with the Belgium official Olympic Games logo and the Ladies will wear couture jersey jackets and leggings with a bustier in the national ‘Belgium three color’.

With Ralph Lauren dressing Team America, Stella McCartney doing the same for Team GB, and Team France opting for Hermes, Stijn is in good company.

Donald Earl

Bringing Van Gogh To Life

Further enhancing its reputation as a core multimedia technology for visitor attractions, Dataton’s WATCHOUT is being used as the image-control backbone for ‘Van Gogh Alive – The Experience’ – a travelling exhibition that redefines audiences’ appreciation of fine art.

Rather than edge-blending images together, the design of Van Gogh Alive places screens a short distance apart from each other, with some screens at right angles and others in parallel. This encourages visitors to move around and between the screens during the show, exploring nooks and crannies, viewing favourite pictures from a new perspective, and immersing themselves in the vibrant colours of Van Gogh’s paintings.

The resulting famous Van Gogh images below look simply outstanding and well worth witnessing.

The exhibition is on tour and will be next at Integrate Expo 2012 http://www.integrate-expo.com/

Designed To Win

The Design Museum has just opened the Designed To Win exhibition which explores the relationship between fashion, design and sport. This perfectly timed exhibition to coincide with the current London 2012 Olympics looks at fashion’s impact on sport and vice versa.

Designed to Win celebrates the ways in which design and sport are combined, pushing the limits of human endeavour to achieve records and victories of increasing significance and wonder.  From the design of F1 cars to running shoes, racing bikes to carbon fibre javelins, the quest for enhanced performance and function is endless.
It also explores the various way in which design has shaped the sporting world, celebrating the introduction of revolutionary new materials such as Neoprene and carbon fibre, new technologies, fashions and sporting equipment, all of which have transformed sporting enterprise.

 With Stella McCartney designing the Team GB outfit, Hermes looking after France and Ralph Lauren after America, there clearly is a significant connection.
The exhibition features Stella McCartney’s work for Adidas, her Team GB kit, Hussein Chalayan’s work for Puma, some creative recycling of Speedo swimsuits into cocktail dresses and several other fantastic pieces.

The exhibition at the Design Museum, in association with Oakley runs from the 26 July 2012 till 18 November 2012.

Donald Earl