The Durex London 2012 Olympics

DUREX it seems are going to be taking the London 2012 athletes that extra mile; A record 150 thousand condoms are being issued to athletes, This has surpassed the record 100, 000 offered at the Beijing Olympics.

Sadly for condom collectors around the globe, it will not have the London 2012 or Durex logo as they are merely suppliers and not partners or sponsors.

"Let The Games Begin" will now not only be on the field of play but in the bedroom for these athletes and if that's the case, in the words of Durex "PLAY SAFE"!

Donald Earl

London 2012 Olympics Brand Fiasco

The "Olympics Brand Police", made up of lawyers and enforcement officers have been extremely busy exerting their over-zealous energies on stopping companies that have not opted to sponsor the Olympics from using the words "Olympics", "London", "2012", "Gold", "Medals", "Olympics Rings" in promotional material. The punishment for failing to adhere to this? A fine of around 20 thousand pounds.

several companies have chosen to take on the organisers by coming up with rather impressive marketing tactics to by-pass these ridiculous LOCOG rules.

The following ads are examples of this fabulous fight back using carefully planned ambush marketing techniques. Check them out before they get taken down like the Paddy Power one. They have had to call in the legal team to challenge the Olympic Organisers.

Donald Earl

Oddbins doing their bit for the Olympics

Olympic Billboard Special

Simply Brilliant Olympics Bags

Shopkeeper surely cannot be fined, or can he?

Paddy Power promote their Egg and Spoon Race in Burgundy

Surely he won't be arrested and purely a spelling mistake?
"Tommy Hilfiger would like to wish everyone in the world the best of luck"

Banksy Olympics Special

Banksy has done it again. This time releasing 3 works to mark the London 2012 Olympics.

The images below say it all and maintains his status as one of the finest underground artists to date.

Pole Vaulter and discarded mattress below him

Javelin thrower hurling a missile

The youngster working on the bunting

And in somewhat totally unrelated Banksy news, the image below was discovered by the Olympic Park;

Donald Earl