Jeremiah Weed Hits The Shores

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Why am i seeing Jeremiah Weed everywhere i asked myself after seeing it being advertised in a Walkabout bar in Shepherds Bush and subsequently in a Waitrose nearby. I decided to get my 2 female friends to try it out as i was sadly the non drinker of the bunch and they did remark at how very different and unique it tasted and they certainly would consider ordering it again.

According to the Jeremiah Weed team, "it is inspired by the timeless authenticity of the heartland of America, new Jeremiah Weed Brews are a refreshing tasting alternative to beer or cider."

What is a ‘brew’ you might ask?  Well, it’s nothing fancy, just a mish mash of great tasting ingredients thrown together to create a delicious drink that’s best shared with friends.  In the case of Jeremiah Weed, they’ve added a hint of ginger to get Jeremiah Weed Root Brew and a touch of bourbon flavour to create Jeremiah Weed Sour Mash Brew.

To fully appreciate the subtle flavours of Jeremiah Weed Brews, fill a jam jar full of ice, pour your brew and enjoy – that’s the Jeremiah Weed way.

Jeremiah Weed Root Brew and Sour Mash Brew are available in pubs and bars across the country and stocked in Asda, Waitrose and other good retailers, RRSP: £2.20 (4% ABV).

Donald Earl

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