2011 Predictions

Do forgive me for the lazy nature of this piece but i do stand by the content/my predictions so enjoy.


Spring/summer 2011 is all about the print baby; floral, geometric, animal, you name it. If it's the dresses you're in luck as the collections being lined up by the high street is bound to keep you satisfied. Trousers however are a particularly tricky option so expect some difficulty in finding that killer one.

The alternate to this spring/summer look is bold/colourful if indeed you are feeling that bold, else i strongly disapprove even an attempt at it. You either go full on with fantastic hues  to compliment it and perhaps invest in one of the new Nails Inc collection and the Côte D’Azur range by chanel to complete the look. Accessories this season must follow this trend and you can help yourself decide this by applying the same decision as you would do with your summer swimwear colour choices. Nothing dour please!

Gents, i personally believe tweed and colourful chinos (blue, red and coffee brown/khaki) should always be in the collection during spring/summer so next year should be no different.
Brown brogues are also imperative. A message for those of you still in those combat boots, that was a mistake, it's over now, you're forgiven, brogues are back to replace them. Suede ones will get you additional points as leather has dominated the market for too long. Go out there and be smart: your parents, girls and guys and your employers love smart so to coincide with the probable/imminent good weather over that period bring the sunshine to them early with that smart look.
Lose the loafers for some Nike air max light's or Nike air max 1's if you need to work it with the trainer look.
Very few trainers can work that look as good as the above mentioned ones.

In other news, whoever is chosen to replace French Vogue fashion editor Carine roitfeld has their work cut out so suggestions linking current fashion director Emanuelle Alt to the position may just be right because she has after all spent nearly 10 years under Carine, has extensive knowledge of the magazine and their audience and perhaps vogue may feel she can perform both roles efficiently which will aid in their cost cutting measures as contrary to popular belief Carine was actually fired.


The premier league has been the closest in years and i'm expecting arsenal to remain 2nd with 5 points behind manchester united in 1st place and chelsea in 3rd by early march and then the fireworks will really begin to see who maintains that level of consistency required to win the league.
Arsenal should comfortably win the carling cup which will also inspire them for the fa cup, where i see them getting to the quarter finals at least and IF they do not face a top 4 team, will ease into the semis.

The FA CUP and the PREMIER LEAGUE will be with 2 different teams next year and the champions league will NOT be won by an english club. Real madrid are my tip to win it if they do not face barcelona before the final and if Ronaldo and Alonso stay fit.

My prediction
Premier league - Chelsea or Manchester United
FA Cup - Chelsea or Manchester united
Carling cup - Arsenal
Champions league - Real madrid or Barcelona


I expect good things from nearly every girl's favourite girl of the moment Jessie J, a top 10.

Cher Loyd's first single will be well produced and you will be forced to like it, Number 1 guaranteed.

Kanye will NOT get a UK number one despite rave album reviews etc.

Rihanna however will get 2 top 5 chartings before the year ends.

Bruno Mars and Drake will also have successful years.

For all you in the cool/wanna be different/alternative set out there, watch out for SMITH WESTERNS, whose music i was introduced to by the "transparent records" team and have been carefully monitoring their progress and also YUCK, who are half of one of the acts i harped on about for years; Cajun Dance Party.

Wiley and Giggs will be prominent, however i would like to suggest to Wiley not to ever record such drivel with Alesha Dixon again whereas Giggs needs to lay off the weed and get some tracks out.

Magnetic man is here to stay so keep tabs on them including their upcoming collaborations with several acts on this scene.


My Top 5 to look out for;

Pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides.
The Hobbit part 1
Harry Potter and the Deathly Harrows part 2
The adventures of Tintin, the secret of the unicorn
The Avengers

Guilty PLEASURE is "sucker punch"; hot, scantily clad girls fighting dragons, very evil guys and the awful conditions to still maintain their immaculate good looks. This film is just going to be ridiculously entertaining for all the wrong reasons! MUST SEE!

Any additions are most welcome.


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