Shiri Zinn Bares It All

With Roxxxy the sex robot causing a stir (forgive my pun) in sex focused homes, rich single parents and perhaps who knows prisoners’ cells if a deal can be brokered, at a price more than most illegal brides are bought for, it seems the sex industry is not just about “quick slams” anymore but rather engaging individual users feelings and an appreciation of all the elements that encompass the love making process in the 21st century. London Fashion Week welcomed Shiri Zinn, the sex toy maker, whose work contained “ceramic toys of erotic luxury” and “diamond studded erotic glass toys”.

She graduated from the highly acclaimed Central St Martin’s and has since had her work exhibited in Japan at the Louis Vuitton building alongside other works, has won the International erotic award and has had the late body shop owner Anita Roddick’s daughter Sam’s team backing her.

Several ladies gather around her questioning her exciting motives as I browse through her beautifully crafted range and admire the brilliant workmanship from the toys and ornaments to the whips and outfits. There are a variety of colours and sizes to appease all tastes like the website suggests.

This collection knows its target audience and if it is a designer sex toy which looks like an impressive piece of collectable sex art piece you’re after and you can fork out just under a hundred pounds for it, then it is a very good investment but if like most sexually active individuals you prefer the excitement of just finding a way of getting “the job” done quickly and not spending time admiring your “equipment” then perhaps sadly this isn’t for you.

Donald Earl

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