Holly Bostock The Flower Maker

 This summer it’s all about flower hair accessories. Whether you prefer alice bands, elastic bands, hair slides or butterfly clips, they’re all in this summer so long as they have that floral touch.
Now, you could wander down to the high street and easily pick up several of these must-have accessories, but let’s face it, they’re made on a production-line, stuck together with cheap glue, cost too much and, most importantly, lack any personal charm. What you need is a truly individual, entirely hand-made, Beau Stock flower.

All Beau Stock creations are designed and made by Holly Bostock, a student from London. Carefully selected materials are combined and sewn together for a beautiful finish at a much more competitive price than the high street alternatives. For a year her flowers have been going down a storm at the trendy Brick Lane markets and now it’s time for you to get in on the action.

Beau Stock offers you the opportunity to design your own flower accessories, from selecting the accessory (slide, elastic, tie...) to choosing the colours you know suit your style and wardrobe. This summer sees several colour ranges in fashion, from ethereal and nautical, to pastels and vibrant jewel colours, the choice is enormous.

 With the drop of an email your personalized flower can become a reality, and you’ll never find anyone wearing the same all summer long!

Visit the website: www.beaustock.co.uk
Email Holly: info@beaustock.co.uk

Donald Earl

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