The Sand Lady

Talent shows are enjoying something of a bittersweet golden age of late thanks to x factor, strictly come dancing and the likes. Acts like Susan Boyle, Diversity, Alesha Dixon and Ali Bastian are to talent shows what Cheryl Cole is to Girls Aloud.Viewing numbers have remained hugely impressive and it seems Britain's Got Talent may be about to benefit greatly after the Ukranian winner's performance was such a huge hit on the internet, she has had to organise a worldwide tour.
Kseniya Siminova is the 24 year old sand animator whose portrayal of life during the Great Patriotic war in world war II reduced several audience members to tears. During her interview she said that sand had become a part of her and she has managed to establish a strong relationship with it and her hands thus enabling her to fully immerse herself in all her works.
The video for that performance placed on youtube, has received a staggering amount of hits in such a short space of time and lots of comments complimenting her work.

Sand drawing has been a vanuatu ritual tradition and practice for years and has thus been recognised by UNESCO as a MASTERPIECE OF THE ORAL AND INTANGIBLE HERITAGE OF HUMANITY which ensures that communities awarded this maintain their traditions that reflect their cultural and social identity. The reason why Miss Siminova's work impressed the millions that viewed it online or the several lucky ones that witnessed it live was her ability to combine her strong interest, passion and knowledge of the art with excellent camera work to produce a magnificent portrayal of dark times during world war II.

There is a planned tour of Miss Siminova's work according to sources thus we shall wait and see if there is more to this sand lady than her youthful good looks and talent obviously.
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