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The Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) set up at London College of Fashion (LCF) and now in its second year of operation, received backing from the British Fashion Council. Harold Tillman, Chairman of the British Fashion Council, speaking at the Estethica launch party at London Fashion Week commented: “It is wonderful to see the work being undertaken by the Centre for Sustainable Fashion supporting the fashion industry to transform the way it does business. It is especially apt given the 25th anniversary of London Fashion Week that we should be looking to the future and safeguarding our industry for future generations.”
The Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion has rapidly gained an international reputation for connecting research, education and business to support, inspire and create innovative approaches to fashion that balance ecology, society and culture. Ambassador for the CSF Caryn Franklin commented; “The Centre for Sustainable Fashion is a trailblazer, helping all of us to a better understanding of why the pursuit of sustainability must be on par with the pursuit of business building and design innovation.”

Over the past year the CSF has worked across education, research and industry to establish networks and develop capacity within the fashion industry and produce graduates who are fully equipped to effect positive change. Just one of many successful initiatives includes the Shared Talent India project that is funded under the Defra led Sustainable Clothing Roadmap and the Indian Government through the UK:India Sustainable Development Dialogue. Born out of a collaboration between UK and Indian designers, LCF, Pearl Academy India and Amsterdam Fashion Institute, the project explored and promoted the design applications of a range of sustainable Indian textiles; outcomes from Shared Talent India were displayed on the Monsoon Stand in Estethica at London Fashion Week and will go on to be displayed at Indian Fashion Week in October 2009.
The CSF has also launched its new website http://www.sustainable-fashion.com/ which provokes, challenges and questions the fashion status quo. This will be an invaluable resource for the fashion industry, showcasing transforming design concepts that balance ecology, society and culture.

Shared Talent India Team:Through partnership between the Defra led Sustainable Clothing Roadmap and the Indian Government under the UK:India Sustainable Development Dialogue, the Centre for Sustainable Fashion explored and shared knowledge on sustainable design practice. Those involved include 12 designers, based in both the UK and India, suppliers of Indian textiles, buyers and undergraduates from London College of Fashion, Pearl Academy of Fashion Delhi and Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The initiative aims to innovate towards improved ecological, ethical and cultural criteria in selecting and creating collections and to connect designers and buyers to more sustainable textiles in India.

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