London Undercover

Quintessentially British? A term that any proud Brit has heard before. But what defines ‘British’? Fish & Chips? The London Underground? Bowler Hats, perhaps? Most certainly the humble Umbrella, that disposable yet utterly indispensable accessory, which frankly has been crying out for a makeover for years. One brave man has stepped up to the challenge, designing a range of Brollies for men and women which are more British than Scones and Tea, with innovation and technical know-how to appease the traditional British taste for high quality, aesthetically pleasing, functional paraphernalia.
Although aesthetics are objective, it’s hard not to be subjective and fall head over heels, with the following retro-kitsch designs from renowned British Graphic designer (and company Founder) Jamie Milestone. Full English breakfast and Café tablecloth, Fish & Chips wrapped in newspaper, unconventional Union Jacks, Dog Tooth and Plaid designs all feature in what can only be described as a ‘revolutionary’ concept when combined with the practical, yet typically dowdy Umbrella.
London Undercover has not only touched on print design, but also the elemental, functional parts of Brolly design. In keeping with the British ecological ideology, almost every aspect of these Umbrellas has been designed with a fresh environmental approach. Recycled Canvas, recycled metal shaft and frame, recycled/ biodegradable handles and recycled packaging feature in these morally re-assured Brollies.
A Brand ‘ripe’ for collaboration I hear you say? Well Jamie is one step ahead. He’s already designed a line of Umbrellas for the London Underground, featuring the classic District Line signature Moquette pattern. Paul Smith loves the classic-contemporary styling, which is so complimentary to his own brand, that he’ll be stocking them in his own stores.

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