Fashion students are creating designer looks at credit crunch prices by customising charity shop clothes and selling them on.
The University of Portsmouth students are part of a special project collaborating with The Rowans Hospice charity shop in Southsea's Marmion Road. The students choose clothes from the items donated to the shop and customise them to give them a unique designer look.
The re-designed clothes go back on sale in the shop and all the proceeds go to The Rowans Hospice, a local charity which provides specialist hospice care to enhance the quality of life for patients with life-limiting illness.
For the students, who will have a display area in the shop, it's a chance to obtain first hand experience of designing clothes to sell directly into the marketplace.
Mel Jones, 20, is studying for a BA Fashion & Textile Design with Enterprise. She said: "The focus on producing an individual look has reminded us about the reasons we came to study fashion in the first place - originality and creativity. And of course it's a fantastic opportunity to showcase our designs to the public.
"Kate Moss made vintage clothing fashionable. It's about creating an individual look. You won't see anyone else wearing the same thing."
The project was born out of an idea from staff at the Rowans Hospice. They contacted the University's Department of Employability which places students in projects and work placements to gain extra skills to make them more employable and maximise their chances of getting a job.
Volunteer Coordinator, Alice Hickman, said: "Employers increasingly expect graduates to have work experience and a wide range of skills to complement their academic qualifications. Our students graduate with much more than just a degree under their belts, they're ready to make a difference from day one."
Vanessa Gilding is the manager of the Rowans Hospice charity shops. She said: "Charity shops have always been a great place to pick up a bargain. With this project you can buy a custom-made designer garment for a fraction of the price whilst supporting your local hospice."
The Rowans Hospice shops are run by volunteers and rely entirely on charitable donations. The charity shops make a significant contribution towards the running costs of the Hospice.
Perhaps London and the rest of the country could take a leaf out of these young girls book or have they already?
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