Australia's Nobody Collection

Worn by rock bands, shot by style press and designed by denimologists – what next?
Celebrating Nobody’s 10-year anniversary our ever-expanding Australian denimista’s have designed a one off dress named “Waltz”. Engineered out of Japanese distressed denim it’s set to make your pulse race and your plastics melt with it’s bleached and ripped full circle halter-dress.
Heritage Collection
Nobody have designed the Australian Heritage Collection to be the ultimate jean to capture the Nobody attitude and outlook, inspired by our shared Australian memories, faded photographs and our uniquely Australian perspective, For us it’s about down to earth vibe with a high quality respect and appeal, with a nod to the future and an eye on the past.

Premium Collection
The Premium Collection features a clean design aesthetic, an optimistic, exciting and creative outlook. The distinct and sharp signatures, rivets and pocket detail represent confidence and a directness – not tied to the past but afresh, uncomplicated and innovative attitude.

Guilty Collection
The Guilty Collection is the ultimate in hard edge attitude, constructed from non-traditional denims sourced from small boutique style denim mills, we work with coated fabrics, waxed fabrics, speciality wefts and metallic treatments. Always something unique and exciting, these looks are for the exhibitionists in all of us. For when you wanted understated but flashy . . . you know what we mean.
Nobody team are putting another prawn on the BBQ for their 10 year anniversary with a delicious line of distressed denim dresses, jumpsuits, bold blazers, skirts, shirts and short shorts available from dedicated “denimistas” Donna Ida and Trilogy stores.

For those who love nothing more than making heads turn (and we don’t mean the other way) Nobody are introducing the Matilda Dress, made from distressed Japanese denim imported specially for hippy lux denim damsels around London. You may want to burn some serious rubber as the waiting list for this material girl is longer than Caprices extensions.

This season Gossip Girl star Leighton Meeston struts her stuff in Nobody's skinny pant, ferocious fading, discreet designer rips and black stitching combine this gorgeous get up named “Mole” in exotic “Lolita”, perhaps it’s time to give a cheery wave to “Jenny from the block” and all hale “Statement Sisters!”.

And finally the denim direction set to hit the high-street from Nobodys mother ship would be the “Rebel” legging style jean, tighter than Sandy's leathers in Grease and “Jackaroo” baggy, ripped and boyish all the way .
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