As Brian Eno once remarked, ‘The Alternative Miss World should be entered for the Turner Prize! ’The event that brought Leigh Bowery to London, that intrigued artists from Brian Eno to David Hockney, that has attracted fashionistas from Zandra Rhodes to Ryan Styles - The Alternative Miss World - a beauty contest like no other – ricochets back into the limelight for its 12th outing since 1972 at London's premier venue The Roundhouse on Saturday May 2nd 2009.
Artist Andrew Logan's Crufts-inspired competition thrusts 20 hard-core exhibitionists, including head-hunter Janet Slee, gallery owner Matthew Flowers, club phenomenon Daniel Lismore & milliner Piers Atkinson, onto the stage to compete through Daywear, Swimwear and Eveningwear for the ultimate accolade; the coveted title of The Alternative Miss World. Judged by poise, personality and originality by a panel of the ruthless crème de la crème of the creative world, contestants pull every trick in the book to gain attention, favour and those all-important votes. Past competitors have included Jubilee's Jenny Runacre, Norman Rosenthal in Sarah Lucas, 80 year old Russian Pani Bronua and ‘Transformer’ Burnel Penhaul. Expect cross-dressing, nudity, absurdity, art, gigantic looks, mechanical costume, raw sexual energy, laughter and shock!

Andrew Logan hosts and hostesses the evening with quickfire-wit cultural icon Ruby Wax. Live music from The Irrepressibles, the siren sounds of Bishi and Moscow’s Aquaaerobika, unexpected celebrity appearances, video art, semi naked boys, dancing girls, drink, friends & family, transvestites, performance, glitter, dazzle and spectacle. Judges include Queen of Colour Zandra Rhodes, Textile Temptress Celia Birtwell, Bruce Lacey the elemental artist, pilot and AMW veteran, artiste Molly Parkin, Movie Maestro Ken Russell, The Beautiful Bombshell Betty McIntosh, Rocky Horror’s Creator Richard O’Brien, Hollywood Superstar Tim Curry, South Asia’s Cultural Guru Rajeev Sethi, The Doyen of Craft Today, Philip Hughes, London’s Latest Hotspot Amy Lamé, Jonny Woo the Darling of the East End, Time Out’s Tony Elliott, the Roundhouse’s Supremo Marcus Davey, Alternative Miss World of The Universe 2004 Miss Secret Sounds of Sunbird Rising CCCP, 2004’s Co-Host, the fabulous Julian Clary and yet more Glitterati!

The Alternative Miss World

The theme is The Elements

The place is The Roundhouse

The date is 2nd May

The time is 8.00 pm

The night to crown it all!

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