Housse De Racket

Take two college friends with a love of Gainsbourg, add some Pheonix and a good dose of chilled French electro and combine it with… tennis? What has tennis got to do with music? Apart from the obvious (they are both played on stringed instruments) it’s Housse de Racket, who have just released their debut album Forty Love, a concept album that tells the story of two tennis players called Vico Vix and Repi Rep, winners in the sport and losers in love. McEnroe may have made tennis rock n roll but these two ace it into the airwaves.

Housse de Racket are Pierre and Victor, two old grunge fans who, after initially ignoring each other, got talking one day after they both walked out sporting Pearl Jam T-shirts. It wasn't just Eddie Vedder they had in common, both loved sports but they excelled in music. Before long they were jamming together in a funk group.

With the 'French Touch' still misting the air, Victor and Pierre started recording their first record, a hard house digital mix that was eaten by their hard drive and beaten by Daft Punk's Discovery. From then, with a little hand from fate, Housse de Racket took on a new approach - racket the house, they literally beat a new approach into house and the tennis concept was born.

They’ve ping ponged around the 'French Touch' groups; supported the likes of Phoenix and Yelle, and Victor recently played with The Teenagers at Glastonbury; on Forty Love they worked with Gonzales and Renaud Letang and they’re sponsored by Lacoste. Not a bad start, but where do they go from here? Well, not London it would seem, not in the near future at least, at the moment they are busy touring France. Was there ever a better excuse to hop on a train for the short trip to Paris than this? Catch them now on their home grass before everyone and their mum is talking about them.

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