GOBAMA! was definitely my favourite campaign poster. It was countered by Nobama, which was also funny but not quite as good.
Aside from the puns, one of the best images I found on my search for Obama art was a painting showing him wading through a river of red roses, dressed in an open white robe while a white stallion gallops behind him. The sky is a dramatic pink and huge beams of light shine down on Barack’s gleaming figure. Very biblical.

It seems that the majority of the poster art displayed in favour of Obama shows strong parallels with Communist propaganda posters. The simple posters look like screen prints, and commonly use the colours of the American flag. The prints are of the Presidents face, and usually have one word in thick type at the bottom, showing strong similarities with Russian Communist posters. The posters are blunt and bold, but surprisingly unimposing.

However the same cannot be said for John McCain’s posters; the posters in support of America’s Republican candidate are possibly the most patriotic and 'American' things I have ever seen. I found one which consists of a background of clouds at sun set, on top of which is a feathered and faded photograph of wise old Mr McCain looking very deep and thoughtful. There are four war planes flying over his head and the slogan 'PEACE IS BORN OF WISDOM'. All of this is contained in an acidic wash blue and black frame and at the bottom there is an American flag banner with the words ‘McCain 08’. It looks like something a child would make as a joke. But there is something quite sinister about the poster, maybe it's the planes or maybe it's the fact that he looks completely dead in the eyes or perhaps it’s because he is a giant head in the sky and if you actually put this into perspective you'd have a John McCain about the size of Africa, and that is a very scary thought.

I found some of my favourite pieces of Obama art in the form of cakes, yep, cakes.

One masterpiece was a portrait of the president-elect using nothing but 1,240 cupcakes. Now that’s one sweet piece of art! One which was less successful was a chocolate cake with the caption 'YOUR VOTE COUNST' written in blue icing; so it's obvious no changes need to be made in their education system.
In one way, Obama winning the election is the end of an era in terms of art. I've never been one for political art, if you really hate your president maybe you should do something more than writing FUCK GEORGE BUSH across a canvas and then throwing it into a pile of other canvases which have FUCK GEORGE BUSH written across them, or picturing him with vampire teeth and bunny ears. Personally I'm rather glad to see that era end, but seriously, what are half the current 'artists' going to do now?
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