To Swish OR Not To Swish

If you don’t know what Swishing is yet, where have you been? You could have been saving pennies in this time of financial woe!

Swishing is the brain child of Futerra Sustainability, the idea is that you throw a party with all the usual ingredients: - wine, nibbles, music, friends, strangers etc, however each attendee must bring at least one unloved, high quality item of clothing. This must be an item of clothing you used to adore, but doesn’t fit you anymore or maybe something you “invested” in but never actually got around to wearing. Everybody places their garments (or accessories) on the rails, then over the next hour you can try on other peoples cast offs and decide on what you like, when the hour is up, you place everything back onto the rails and a mad free for all begins, where anything you grab is yours to keep forever and ever (or until you re-swish it).

Sounds good? It should do! It’s like second hand (or “vintage”) chic, without having to pay a penny and when you consider that we throw away 900, 000 tons of clothes and shoes in Britain every year, not only does it prevent your bank balance from declining but it’s not too shabby for the environment either!

You might even strike gold and pick up fantastic designer pieces. On “Twiggys frock exchange” a BBC2 programme about swishing, party goers brought a range of fabulous pieces to swish including pairs of Jimmy Choos and Jean Paul Gaultier suits. As a general rule of thumb, the more affluent the area of the swish, the better the goodies, just don’t think you can show up with a £3 Primark t-shirt and expect to waltz out of the swish in the latest Alexander McQueen number, it works both ways.

If you’re thinking about throwing your own swishing party, consider a few things when conjuring up a guest list; the quirkier the people you invite, the quirkier the garments they will bring with them, nobody wants a room full of several shades of beige. And don’t be age conscious, your grandmas friends might have some amazing dresses from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s hidden in the back of their wardrobes that are in desperate need of a new lease of life!

Why stop at fashion? Why not organise a record swish where you can swap each other’s un-listened vinyls or cds? Or video games swish? We could even go right back to the middle ages and organise skills swishing e.g. I’ll take the hem up on your trousers for you if you dye my hair, the possibilities are endless.

So check out your nearest swishing party on or even better, throw your own, just remember to drop us an invite.
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