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With several music labels, pr and marketing companies seeking ways of discovering new talent, nurturing them and offering them to audiences all over, this company, Indigenous People seems to have nailed this perfectly and the following piece shall explain why.

Indigenous People is an agency promoting the music, dance, visual art and the welfare of indigenous communities throughout the world.

Harnessing the appeal of creative media as a means of raising awareness of social and cultural issues, Indigenous People seeks to empower musicians, dancers, story-tellers and artists from indigenous communities to travel to the UK to perform and teach – enabling them to represent themselves and further the economic and social development of their communities by harnessing the economic potential of their own traditional culture. At a time when the interest in all things ‘tribal’ and indigenous is steadily increasing, the importance of indigenous communities having as much control as possible over the commercial exploitation of their art and culture has never been greater.

The agency will build on the track record of Indigenous People, which has 10 years experience in marketing and managing tours by traditional world music and dance groups to the UK market. Specialising in participatory educational and performance projects, the charity has worked with a wide variety of partners – local authorities, festivals, universities, schools, youth and community centres – arranging a series of workshops prior to a performance to enable people to learn a few rhythms, chants and dances which they can use to join with the traditional group for a communal finale at the end of the performance. This not only acts as a valuable audience development and marketing tool for the host venue, it also serves to break down the barriers between the ‘audience’ and ‘performers’ to generate a sense of inclusion and belonging that is the inherent function of music and dance in traditional societies.

In 2008, Indigenous People developed partnerships with a number of traditional world music and dance groups and festivals, theatres / arts centres, educational institutions and other agencies interested in raising awareness of indigenous culture to the wider public with a view to organising performances, workshops, exhibitions and seminars led by the indigenous musicians, dancers and speakers they represent.


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