Beauty And Art In Australia Travel

These are a few rather arty collection of images I captured on my travels so far in Australia. The rest are in individual facebook albums.


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URBAN is Circolombia's new and very different masterpiece, a fusion of highly charged dancers and performers expressing their incredibly powerful and high-octane techniques amidst a plethora of exotic urban music samples.
This predominantly male crew are individually one of the most talented groups around, however there is sadly too many sporadic occurrences which restricts any fluency if there was any nor are there set themes. There also seems to be a significant amount of irrelevant dialogue to an English audience, considering how heavily laden in Spanish this and the songs were.

Overall, individually outstanding performances however please refrain from drawing comparisons to Cirque Du Soleil as virtually most of the audience suggested. One is well produced, structured and fluent whilst URBAN is effectively a fun Urbanised modern circus involving a few friends on steroids and speed!

Donald Earl

Kate Middleton Appears in Closer Magazine France and Chi Magazine Italy Topless

What a Royally* bad mistake by French magazine Closer and Italian magazine Chi to publish the semi nude shots of the Prince William and Kate Middleton on their holiday in the Provence.
As these images prove, they were clearly taken several metres away by a rather desperate photographer.

The Facebook page of Closer magazine UK has seen so much negative comments after the pictures were posted, prompting them to respond and clearly distance themselves from their French counterparts.

Closer France has Marina Berlusconi as its Chairwoman. Well she is the Chairwoman of the Mandadori Publishing Group that own Closer Magazine France. YES YOU GUESSED IT, she is the oldest daughter of the Italian Stallion* Silvio "Bunga Bunga" Berlusconi.

According to reports, the Royals are extremely furious about these being published. However it does not seem to phase the editor of the magazine Laurence Pieau who responded "These photos are not in the least shocking, they show a young woman sunbathing topless, like the millions of women you see on beaches."

One wonders what Prince Harry might think of these pictures...

PS.... The pictures had to be taken down due to Google Terms Violation!

Donald Earl